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Women of Juniper

Meet the women behind JUNIPERunltd

_COMMUNITY / Women of Juniper

As Women’s History Month comes to a close, we reflect on the accomplishments of women throughout history and honor the work of disabled women past and present who have worked tirelessly and committed themselves to increase disability representation and accessibility in all aspects of life. Disabled women have always been at the forefront of advancing and shaping change in our society.

From polio survivors, UK suffragette Rosa May Billinghurst to famed photographer of the Migrant Mother, Dorothea Lange, disabled women have been movers and shakers in activism and the arts.

We look to disabled women of color like Claudia Gordon, the first Deaf Black lawyer in the U.S., who worked to enforce executive orders for individuals with disabilities in emergency preparedness, and Sylvia Walker, Black Blind disability advocate who contributed to the drafting and passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act, and we are reminded of our power. The power to create change. The power to transform our reality. And the power to make disability justice the center of discussion. JUNIPERunltd has been guided by the path, work, and advocacy of disabled women of the past while paving the way for a more accessible and equitable future.

The Women of Juniper are as diverse as they are groundbreaking innovators. We are mothers, daughters, sisters, partners, friends, caregivers, teachers, and learners who understand and practice listening– Learning, and leading today and every day. We hold different identities and passports. We speak different languages and practice different religions. We are the women changing and transforming the conversation in the accessible fashion space. We are the Women of Juniper.

alison hessert
Marketing Content Chief

Native New Yorker. Storyteller. Little boy and kitten wrangler. Lover of leather jackets, flip flops and all things sparkly.

Editor's note

Bold and articulate. Alison is a master at multitasking. She is one of the first members involved in the launch of Juniper. We are thankful for all her hard work, contributions, and efforts.

allison schickel Brobe International, Inc Founder, Designer & CEO

Allison's entrepreneur mother taught her to "leap and the net will appear." Those words entered her mind when she took the leap to start Brobe International. As a mom of three, she considers it an honor to show her kids that with hard work, dedication, and a lot of grit, you can accomplish big things!

annie c. lai
Global Transformation Manager

With over 15 years of investment experience, Annie has worked in long-short equity and portfolio management investing in securities across the capital structure. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Pennsylvania in 2002 with an Economics B.A. She also has her Chartered Financial Analyst designation.

Editor's note

Affable, perceptive, and fashionable. Annie is a great shoulder to lean on and uplifts everyone around her. She translates her ideas into actions and makes connections. Annie is a true Renaissance woman. What can’t she do?

aurelia spence
Graphic Design Intern

Aurelia has a cat named Seiya. She loves eating delicious food, listening to music, traveling, and being creative.

Editor's note

Knowledgeable, curious, and ready to take on any project. Looking for information about the American Museum of Natural History? Aurelia has got you covered. She brings ideas to life by embracing the world of animation and motion graphics.

be alink
Alinker Founder & Inventor

BE Alink is the founder and inventor of the Alinker walking bike, which she refers to as a vehicle of change. She holds true to her vision that the world needs something else, for and by us all. With incredible tenacity, commitment, and dedication, BE has built her company into a movement of people showing up for each other.

beth baggett
VP of Global Transformation/GM Airband

Mom. Wife. Daughter. Sister. Friend. Leader. Unifier. Problem Solver. Snow White Wannabe. Reader of Cookbooks. Child of God. Team Cheerleader. Strategic Thinker. Beth lives to make you smile.

Editor's note

Personable, fun, dedicated, and supportive. Beth bakes blueberry crumb muffins on snowy days and has an infectious laugh. She has a recipe for a chocolate brownie bundt cake with chocolate ganache we desperately want her to share with us. Beth will always leave you smiling.

ceasia sands
Graphic Design Intern

CeAsia earned her Associate’s degree and conquered the challenges she faced due to her learning disability. It’s always been her dream to work in a career field that she is truly passionate about.

Editor's note

Aspiring character designer and concept artist. CeAsia loves motion graphics and comic books. She is affectionately called “Cece” by her friends, family, and coworkers. Cece arrived on the Juniper scene with a beautiful smile and many great questions.

eileen tam
Brand Manager

Brooklyn-born and raised, Eileen currently resides in Queens, NY. She believes pizza should be folded in half and eaten when it's boiling hot. As a New Yorker, she expresses herself more freely with her hands, always walks with a purpose, and believes the only acceptable bagels are bagels made in NY.

Editor's note

Funny and indispensable. Eileen says she’s looking for her balance in life all the while, she keeps her teammates centered, laughing, comforted, and content. She is supportive of all her team members. Eileen is a compassionate and understanding friend. She is also a great listener and implementer of newly acquired knowledge.

ella jones
Marketing Intern

Ella has developed a recent obsession with tofu and she loves to cook. During quarantine, she taught herself how to do her own manicured nails which has been a fun way to pass the time... and save money.

Editor's note

Friendly, kind, and an inquiring mind. Ella is enthusiastic about her work and her teammates. She has a welcoming presence. Ella is flexible, hardworking, and honest. She is a collaborative team player and is eager to learn and grow.

hebatullah issa
Managing Editor

Dyspraxic knafeh aficionado and dress devotee, Hebatullah Issa joined JUNIPERunltd on the 212th birthday of Louis Braille. Lover of Haifa, Jerusalem bread, art, baby donkeys, dental hygiene, and screamo covers of Britney Spears.

Editor's note

One half of the Pinky and the Brain dynamic Editorial duo. Hebatullah is a giver of compliments and writer of Editor’s notes.

helya mohmmadian
Slick Chicks CEO

Helya grew up in a small town in Louisiana, you know, the one with only two exits. She was born in Tehran, Iran, and moved just after the revolution when she was 2 years old. She believes her parents are rockstars and feels forever indebted to them for trying to give her a better life.

jessica macias
Sr. Director of Sales

Mother, wife, daughter, sister, a friend for life, and most recently: caregiver... Jessica is motivated every day by being part of JuniperUnltd!

Editor's note

Caring, friendly, empathetic, and helpful. Jessica is always willing to go the extra mile for the better good of the team. She always shows genuine compassion and concern for everyone she speaks to.

jewell robbins
Customer Service Team Lead

Outside of Jewell's passion for work, you can always catch her with her dog Zane, laughing with friends, or traveling with her family! Her bucket list goal is to mark off all the places in her U.S. National Parks Passport!

Editor's note

Hardworker and Southern to her core. Jewell is the kindest human being you will ever meet. She has a great sense of humor and will have you leaving the conversation feeling better than when you started.

ji yun lee
Director of Brand Strategy

Born in Seoul, raised in Beijing, and almost a New Yorker. Style aficionado, a cappella nerd, and global nomad.

Editor's note

Organized, helpful, and always one step ahead of the game. Ji Yun has a soothing presence, is caring, and empathetic. She makes a plan and gets things done. Ji Yun is incredibly talented in all she puts her mind to. She is also a great conqueror of timezones.

kaycee marshall
Assistant Designer

As a wheelchair user, Kaycee set out to break stereotypes as an accessible fashion designer who believes that people with disabilities deserve a more prominent place in the fashion industry. In her free time, she enjoys makeup, writing, and exploring New York City.

Editor's note

Hilarious and thoughtful. Kaycee has a creative mind and is expertly skilled at applying winged eyeliner. She is dedicated and has strong values she is always willing to advocate for. A day with her is sure to lead to laughs and thought provoking conversation.

lisa fong
Marketplace & Seller Operations Director

Lisa was born and raised in Queens, NY. She's been married for 17 years and has two girls. Addison, who just turned four years old, and Avery, who is seven years old. When COVID is over she's taking her family to Disney World to celebrate.

Editor's note

Calm, cool, and collected. Lisa is our team champion. She is patient, reliable, and a vital member of the team. Lisa keeps us all connected and in the know. She is the glue that holds Juniper together.

maura horton
Chief Community Officer

Full of magnetic ideas. Maura is a lifestyle documentary photographer of her girls– As is evidenced in the photo to the left.

Editor's note

Passionate and full of ambition. Maura misses snowy weather. She is dynamic, fearless, and determined. Maura is always looking to get involved and increase Juniper’s public profile.

melissa desposito
Associate Project Manager

When not working, you can find her running. Melissa ran in four marathons over the past three years and will be traveling to Berlin in September for marathon number five!

Editor's note

Greatly helpful, resourceful, and always has beautifully manicured nails. Melissa is a divergent thinker. She is known for her amazing fashion sense, is enthusiastic, and the first one to volunteer to get things done.

molly dye
CareZips Founder & CEO

Molly Dye, President of CareZips®, learned of an uncomfortable challenge and created a solution that makes dressing easier and more dignified for those with incontinence. The pants smartly provide comfort, ease, and convenience.

nancy m. connor
Smart Adaptive Clothing Founder & CEO

Nancy is motivated and encouraged by her father, family, friends, exercising, sushi, and gluten-free pizza. Continuing to learn helps her achieve her goals. She follows four main principles: Believe in yourself, take risks, follow your dreams/passion, and find like-minded people– It will work out.

nellie shaw

Writer and proud Penn State alumni living in Hoboken, NJ, with a passion for running, cooking, and all things pop culture.

Editor's note

Dedicated and always ready to contribute. Nellie is detail-oriented, creative and eloquent. She is organized and described as being a delight to work with. Nellie is appreciative and appreciated. She’s Penn State proud and we’re proud to have her as part of the team.

randi nolan
EVP Innovation Brands

Randi loves working in fashion and is passionate about pushing accessible innovation within the industry. She believes in leading by example, that actions speak louder than words, and that it is possible to make big change happen with many small intentional actions. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, hanging out with her pets, and spending time outdoors with family and friends.

Editor's note

Ambitious, a problem-solver, and conscientious. Randi is not just a big thinker, but a big doer too. She has big ideas and big plans. Everyday Randi is one step closer to transforming the world.

roisin kenna
People Partner

Irish-born and dog-obsessed. Roisin lives for her family, craves chocolate 24/7, and feels good when she can help others.

Editor's note

Kind, compassionate, a great listener, empathetic, and caring. Roisin takes action and makes it all happen. She never wastes a minute and every moment with her is valued. Roisin has a warm personality and is a welcoming support system.

sara jessick
Graphic & Digital Designer

A Jill-of-All-Trades, Sara has extensive experience in professional design, direction, project management, and social-media-management. She also contributes to JUNIPERunltd's online presence and conversation. Sara is a proud member of the DHH Community and enjoys traveling, exploring the outdoors, playing guitar, and cooking in her free time.

Editor's note

Full of amazing ideas, eager to be involved and a creative thinker. Sara is an expert at self-care, dedicating time in her busy agenda to listen to great music, light some candles, and take a relaxing bath. One of her hobbies is cooking, even if it’s just for herself.

sihao sun
Digital Designer

Sihao is a visual designer based in New York, working on interaction, branding, visual identities, editorial design, and motion graphics.

Editor's note

Super talented, creative, and connected to fashion trends. Sihao loves her cat, Pika. She has a cool and calm demeanor until the topic of skiing comes up. Then she talks at superspeed. You can find Sihao on her Youtube channel, Vickypedia, giving fashion and beauty tips.

sinéad burke

Sinéad is the Editor-at-Large at JUNIPERunltd. She enjoys asking questions, creating space for new voices, changing the world, K-dramas, and caramel lattes.

Editor's note

One half of the Pinky and the Brain dynamic Editorial duo. Sinéad has aspirational eloquence, is quick-witted, and has a heart of gold. She is generous, intelligent, and generous with sharing her intelligence.

sonita thompson
Social Impact Brands Program Manager

Master organizer of people and things. Puzzle-solving food adventurer. Record collecting music lover, and mother of tigers aka house cats.

Editor's note

Fabulous curls, a compelling positive attitude attitude, and contagious laugh. Sonita is the source of much stimulating conversation. Her intelligence, wisdom and willingness to ask the hard questions are praiseworthy. We’re waiting for Sonita to share her curly girl hair routine with the world.

thais klein
Creative Director

Thais' work reflects her personality and proud Brazilian origin. She is passionate about working with people. Working on Juniper, gives her hope that she really can design a more diverse, inclusive, and representative future. Her motto: Begin, be bold, and venture to be wise- Horace

Editor's note

Creative Queen, has phenomenal hair, and is outspoken. Thais breathes life into Juniper’s aesthetic and mission statement. Her work is foundational and she is always looking to improve and be better. Thais is knowledgeable, humble and a great teacher to us on the team.

tracy vollbrecht
Yarrow & ULEX Designer

Tracy is an accessible fashion designer who was motivated to focus on universal design after observing her dad’s experiences with Multiple Sclerosis. When she is not designing, she can be found tending to her plants and avocado trees, working out, expanding her sustainability knowledge, and exploring new destinations.

Editor's note

Reliable, organized, motivated and encouraging. Tracy is open-minded and has no shortage of innovative and creative ideas. She makes everyone feel included. Tracy is always making us laugh and we are always struck by her enthusiasm to take the accessible fashion space by storm.

Please share your adventures with us at share@juniperunltd.com
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