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Easy-to-Access Pants That Offer Freedom and Comfort


“As my mother’s caregivers in her assisted-living home struggled many times over to attend to her incontinence, my mother grimaced not from pain – but from the indignity of it all,” explains Molly Dye. “I decided there had to be a better way. How can one continue to easily dress without challenges and still be fashionable?”

This led to CareZips®, a stylish solution. After more than a year and a dozen prototypes, Molly launched the brand in 2015. As she explains, she “bought simple patterns from ready-made pattern companies, took baby clothes apart to figure how they were done, and asked anyone with knowledge of sewing, fabric, stitches their opinion.”

The finished product allows quick and easy access via a patented three-zipper system: one on each side from the knee to the waist, the third along the inseam. The wash-dry-wear bottoms help those who are wheelchair users feel a bit more confident in the bathroom and enable a caregiver to more effectively and efficiently change an adult brief.

“My mother grimaced not from pain – but from the indignity of it all”

Founder Molly Dye

Molly has spent the last several years tweaking the product and materials, explaining that feedback has been instrumental. “A new, more feminine color was suggested,” she notes. “We brought Plumberry online and created a whole new color line and put inventory on the shelves [because of that feedback].” And while Molly imagined the majority of her sales would come from relationships with senior living communities, individual shoppers have surprisingly seen the biggest rise in interest and purchases, for example the daughter or son seeing CareZips®, online or spouses taking care of their partner at home. “People will do anything to make their loved ones lives better with more dignity - including the lives of the caregiving staff,” who Molly noticed were young, thin, and lean but did not have a lot of muscle power to tug, pull, roll, and push another large human being to access their briefs.

Molly’s design is an answer for a smaller but often overlooked audience - both individuals and their caregivers - but she senses there’s change coming. “The big fashion houses or clothing manufactures don’t want to produce clothes that aren’t going to sell millions and millions,” she says. “However, with COVID-19, we are going to have a lot of fashion designers who will need to find work and new adaptive clothing lines will be a ticket forward.”

She says shoppers can expect more fashion forward designs, more athletic-like, less expensive, more unique than just routine patient gowns, for example. So, was Molly able to solve her mother’s problem? Unfortunately, her mother passed away a month after launch, almost to the day. But in the years that have passed, CareZips®, continues to help give people their dignity back.

“This is definitely my tribute to her! It was done in her memory and people are loving it,” says Molly.

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