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Luxurious and ethically sourced skincare

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The goal when purchasing a new skincare product is to never need to try another product again, and that’s the mission behind Immunocologie—a clean and ethical luxury skincare brand new to the JUNIPERunltd marketplace. Founder Karen Ballou is a skincare expert with more than 30 years of experience in the beauty industry and started Immunocologie after surviving cancer.

Immunocologie’s product line is based around one vital ingredient: French green clay. This clay can be found naturally in France. Before being turned into products, Immunocologie ethically sources their ingredients which are then cleansed of heavy metals, while leaving behind beneficial essential minerals for the skin.

Natural can be very luxurious and luxurious can be very natural.

“I started Immunocologie when I was told I was in remission. I had been using the clay while I was sick and saw that my skin wasn’t turning yellow from the high toxicity of the chemotherapy. It was then that I realized there was value here,” Ballou shares.

The name, Immunocologie, is in reference to the skin’s immunity. “In this day and age we need things that are going to help our immune system and protect our skin,” Ballou says. Her heartfelt mission behind Immunocologie is what she calls a “skin health mission.” Creating products for every skin type. She continues, “My mission is to make sure the products are effective. You see a lot of products that smell nice, but do they really work?”

The Vital Clay Mask is one of Immunocologie’s best-selling products and features the earth of the French green clay. This creamy, natural mask offers complete hydration with an earthy texture for exfoliating. While this product is primarily a detoxifying mask, it can also be used as a scrub. Customers enjoy mixing this product with the Vital Ionic Mist, which consists of clay water, to multitask and get twice the benefit.

“Natural can be very luxurious and luxurious can be very natural,” Ballou says of their ingredients. All Immunocologie products are free of artificial dyes and fragrances, making them an option for people with sensitive skin. She continues, “Once you balance the microbiome of the skin, people with oily, dry, or sensitive skin will notice a difference. While the receptors on your skin play a part, it’s also because of what you’re using. Our products are free of the dyes and fragrances that often irritate the skin.”

For those with specific skin conditions, Immunocologie has created a collection called the Sensitive Skin Sample Kit. This kit includes a gentle cleansing lotion, a deep moisturizer for day protection, a hyaluronic serum to smooth the skin quickly, and their Vital Ionic Mist for refreshment. These products were selected with sensitive skin in mind, and the travel-sized samples are an affordable way to find out if this line is right for you before committing to full-sized products.

This is not just another skincare brand, it’s very heartfelt...

Immunocologie is designed to promote long-term skin health. Ballou says, “None of our products are anti-aging. We will all age, but how can we help the health of our skin as we age?” This luxury brand offers the essential minerals that our skin needs as we age. She continues, “Most people would rather spend a little more on a product that works than a little on one that doesn’t. Also, Immunocologie products last longer. If you take our products per ounce, you’re going to get more value than something that’ll cost less.”

“This is not just another skincare brand, it’s very heartfelt and there’s a lot of experience, realism, and authenticity behind it,” Ballou says earnestly. Immunocologie is committed to sourcing their global ingredients by ethical means before producing them here in the United States. Sustainability is at the forefront of their mind, and they are consistently making efforts to reduce their carbon footprint and be socially mindful. In the works is an idea of a bottle return system, so that customers can recycle their products instead of throwing them away.

Ultimately, Immunocologie strives to make skincare easier for people with every type of skin. Ballou says, “I hope to have the right products for the right conditions with the right results so that no one has to go out and try numerous products that never work for them.” With Immunocologie’s sample kits, your search for a new skincare system is over.

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