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Slick Chicks

Panties for Diverse Bodies


“I noticed that adaptive underwear options for people with disabilities looked very ‘adaptive’ and not very fashionable,” explains Helya Mohammadian. “I was shocked that there were no products available that could make someone feel confident, independent, and sexy.”

Enter Slick Chicks® with the tagline “Life can be challenging. Your underwear shouldn’t be.” Helya launched the brand, which offers several styles of side-fastening panties, seven years ago after unsuccessfully trying to find easy-access intimates for her postC-section sister. The product hit a chord with a wide range of disabled customers and others who, for a multitude of reasons, need these products during specific chapters of their lives.

With several years in the fashion industry at established brands like Gilt, Bergdorf Goodman, and Carolina Herrera, Helya endured “dozens of setbacks and failures before I found even a glimmer of success.” But she does see the benefit to her startup grit: “Most established brands are risk averse and are unable to put themselves out there,

Life can be
Your underwear
shouldn’t be.

she says. “What we lack in corporate influence, we make up for in boundless innovation and passion with the will to set the new standard.”

The new standard is a commitment to inclusivity from beginning to end. Not only has Slick Chicks partnered with a manufacturing company that employs several hundred people across the spectrum of disability (including physical, cognitive, hearing, speech and vision) when making undergarments, the brand’s ambassador program celebrates and creates visibility of a wide range of disabilities, underlined with a mantra of body positivity. The program has resulted in dynamic, striking, beautiful, and realistic snapshots of a diverse reflection of women on Slick Chick’s Instagram feed.

This 360-degree passion has driven significant growth over the last few years. “Hearing body-positive stories and learning about how to make our world more inclusive has really become our number one goal at Slick Chicks, and we try to use that as our guiding principle,” Helya notes.

“When you look good, you feel good, and feeling comfortable in your clothes is a type of confidence we all take for granted,” the founder explains. “So, I made it my mission to bridge the gap between fashion and function.”

Look for more gender-inclusive product designs from the company this year and loungewear options in 2021. Helya says the team is constantly exploring innovative inclusivity options, and is laser focused on helping its customers feel confident. 

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