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JUNIPERunltd’s top 3 disability apps

3 must-have lifestyle apps, for and by people with disabilities

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With a long-standing history building creative approaches to everyday problems, it’s no surprise that disabled innovators have had a far-reaching impact in the tech industry.

Accessibility is the end goal, but in the interim, technology can be a vehicle to create access in an inaccessible world.

Here are three disability-owned lifestyle apps that empower users to travel safely, stay connected, and work efficiently.



iACCESS LIFE (iOS and Android)

iAccess Life crowdsources accessibility reviews for a wide range of businesses and venues, including restaurants, gyms, parks, and supermarkets. Users can browse locations of interest, bookmark their favorite places, and share their experiences with others. The filter feature helps prospective visitors find ratings for specific characteristics of a location, like parking, seating, and restrooms. Seamless integration with Google Maps makes iAccess Life more personalized, comprehensive, and user-friendly than other tools.

Founders Brandon Winfield and Sayeed Mehrjerdian built the app to help users feel confident making plans with their friends, colleagues, and loved ones. Since its launch in April 2019, iAccess Life has amassed over 3,500 unique locations rated in over 45 states and 30 countries.



RILEY (iOS only)

Are you looking to connect with someone who just gets it? Try, Riley, a social network for people with disabilities and health conditions. Riley is more than an app - it’s a global community of over 20,000 advocates working toward a more accessible and inclusive future.

After her isolating Lyme Disease treatment, Elizabeth Tikoyan launched Riley to help others create meaningful relationships with people with similar experiences. Riley functions like popular dating apps in that it uses geographic locations and preferences to match users, but matches are intended to ignite friendships, not romances. Users can build profiles and swipe right to match with locals who share their hobbies, topics of interest, and more. If there’s a mutual connection between two users, they can start a conversation on the app.



ROGERVOICE (iOS and Android)
Free with in-app purchases

Making phone calls can be an obstacle course for deaf people. Olivier Jeannel, who is deaf himself, built RogerVoice to make phone calls accessible and convenient. The app captions phone conversations in real-time, offering two modes of communication: text transcription and video access to a sign language interpreter.

No more remembering specific phone numbers for specific phone access services. RogerVoice is available 24/7, so users bypass regional restrictions on existing phone services. While there is a subscription fee for more advanced features, the free version allows users to call anyone who has the app, anytime and anywhere.

Here are just some of the reviews in the Google Play store:

“I'm deaf and I depend on it.” – Delee

“Great app! The best app for the deaf and hard of hearing!” – Tina

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