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Image description: Two models pose wearing ULEX clothing. The man on the left looks away from the camera as he removes the top magnetic closure from his light blue adaptive ribbed collar magnetic polo. The woman on the right uses a wheelchair. With her left arm draped across the top of her head, she looks directly into the camera. She wears a yellow women’s adaptive curved hem magnetic tank and black women’s adaptive gathered waist pants.

Image Credit: Jonathan Novick (Juniper Unlimited) and Daniel Golden

Introducing ULEX

The first adaptive performance wear brand to design athletic garments specifically for exercising and playing sports.

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Engineered to excel, ULEX™ brings performance sportswear to athletes at all levels of athleticism. Designed by, with, and for the Disabled community, this adaptive activewear brand unites people to live and excel to their individual potential. 

Designed to be the sportswear and athleisure counterpart to MagnaReady® and Yarrow™, ULEX™ is the first adaptive performance wear brand to design athletic garments specifically for exercising and playing sports. Growing out of the united effort of the Juniper Unlimited team, ULEX was conceived, developed, and brought to life in 2020. Designed virtually, ULEX’s development process and wear testing became accessible to the disability community nationwide.

All Athletes

At Juniper Unlimited, we do not think that clothing should be a barrier to our customers engaging in the activities they love. An easier-to-put-on flowy tank top makes wheelchair yoga a peaceful way to start your day. A track pant with wider openings takes the focus off putting on your running blades and on to beating your mile time. A sensory-friendly pair of shorts makes a hand cycling marathon feel a little shorter.


You can call it sports, exercise, working out, or any other name – We believe that fitness activities help our communities form bonds and develop friendships as well as improve our mental health and build self-confidence.

Designed for all levels of athleticism and all activities, ULEX is the adaptive activewear made to support your passions.

Image description. In a park, a woman using a wheelchair dribbles a basketball while looking sternly into the camera. She is wearing a black ULEX Women’s adaptive Curved Hem Magnetic Tank and ULEX women’s adaptive gathered waist pants.

Image Credit: Daniel Golden

ULEX is for the first-time athlete and the first-place winner. The team player and the solo performer. The trailblazer and the couch surfer. The experimenter and the goal setter. ULEX is for you.

Intentionally Designed

Rooted in universal design principles, ULEX is intentionally inclusive from start to finish. ULEX features a range of fabrics with moisture-wicking, drying, cooling, and freshening properties so don’t be afraid to work up a sweat. Confidently channel your inner yogi with 4-way stretch fabrics. Squeezing in a workout is no problem with wrinkle-resistant fabrics. 


Incorporating adaptive details and designing for the wide range of Disabled bodies, ULEX allows all athletes of all ages to excel. Dressing is made easier through front body entry and wider openings. Adjustable pant length means no alternations needed. Side slits provide easier motion.

MagnaReady® closures and Magzip® zippers with large ring zipper pulls replace the annoyance of buttons and snaps.

Image description. In a studio space, a man smiles at the camera as he removes the top magnetic closure from his light blue adaptive ribbed collar magnetic polo.


Image Credit: Jonathan Novick (Juniper Unlimited)

Secured pull loops on all bottoms aid in dressing. Stress Free Stretch® waistbands provide a comfortable fit all day long. Reinforced lay flat seams are sensory friendly and withstand your toughest workouts. Strategically placed pockets feature closures to keep your personal items secure and keep out the elements. 

Better for You, Better for the Planet

We know you’re doing your part to protect and preserve the planet for the next generation of athletes, and we know it’s important to do our part, too.


We’re uniting to live in a more sustainable world by using deadstock fabric that would otherwise end up in landfills and using recycled fibers where possible. We’re producing small production runs to meet the demand of our customers without creating excess product. We’re using recycled paper for our hangtags and our hangtags cords are made of recycled polyester. Our products are transported from factory to warehouse via water for the lower emissions than land or air. Our products are shipped to you using paper packaging that we kindly ask you to recycle.


While we still have a way to go, we’re learning and innovating each season to bring the most sustainable products to life that are designed to empower all athletes at all ages.

How do you ULEX?

ULEX is committed to acceptance and accessibility, as well as sustainability and inclusivity. ULEX is committed to supporting our athletes at all levels of their athletic journey. ULEX is committed to making getting dressed and getting in the game a little easier. ULEX is committed to you.


ULEX is adaptive activewear that has you living innovation.

Unite. Live. Excel. ULEX.

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