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Personal Emergency Response System... But make it fashion

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If you were anywhere near a television in the '80s or '90s, you'll remember the "Help! I've fallen and I can't get up!" Life Alert commercial that was quoted long after it went off the air. However, falling and injuring oneself with no one to help is a concern for many people living on their own, and Trelawear has come out with a fashionable way to address these concerns.

There's nothing more frightful than falling and tripping while alone and some may prefer a more discreet and stylish Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) device that matches their outfit. Enter the Bluetooth-fueled Trelawear (Trela is “Alert”spelled backward), founded by jewelry industry veteran Mara Perlmutter. “My mom came to me and said, ‘Mara, you’ve been in the jewelry business for 25 years! Can’t you make me something beautiful to wear for people like me in case of an emergency?” says Perlmutter, who was a jewelry and watch buyer at Saks for 15 years, before heading up various high-profile jewelry companies.

She sprang to action, making jewelry lovely and lifesaving.

What began as a passion project for Perlmutter’s fashion-conscious mom has turned into a mission for a whole generation of women. “I get it! Women feel stigmatized by wearing those ugly plastic alert systems, so I teamed up with a jewelry designer I’ve worked with before, and we created a beautiful product anyone would be proud to wear on its own merits,” she says. “It’s safety with style.”

It’s safety with style.

The two brass pendants, named for Perlmutter’s mom and Aunt, completely conceal their medical value, which is signaled by pressing a button on the back. They’re finished in 12K micron plated gold or imitation rhodium (silvertone) finishes, with faux faceted gemstone centers.

Once someone purchases Trelawear jewelry, they can choose between two GPS-enabled subscription service options. One is $9.99/month, in which an alert call goes to your pre-programmed care group of up to five family members, friends, doctors, etc. The second tier, at $19.99/month offers fall detection and central monitoring, providing access to US based trained and certified Emergency Medical Dispatchers (EMDs) 24 hours a day.

Trelawear's concealable and easy-access button
credit: Trelawear

Trelawear partnered with FallCall Solutions, the creator of the FallCall Lite app, to bring the Bluetooth jewelry-inspired PERS device on the FallCall Lite app platform. Shea C. Gregg, MD, FallCall’s founder, president, and board-certified general surgeon, cites older adults who’ve fallen and struck their heads as the number one trauma activation. He also built a smarter, superior emergency platform after seeing how other fall devices erroneously triggered when older adults bent over to pet or feed their dogs. 

You can wear your beautiful Trelawear anywhere with pride and know that you are safe. It is not just accurate and attractive, but also an independence tool that older adults can use to create connections and opportunities for learning with their adult children.

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