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The name Yarrow evokes sunny fields, warm weather and breezy afternoons. Inspired by the ancient herb known for its protective, healing and calming qualities, Yarrow brings a sense of ease to everyday dressing with its soft layering and draping, all with hidden magnetic closures.

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At JUNIPERunltd, we are designing the future. We are creating a world that is inclusive for all and accessible for everyone. More than an adaptive marketplace and content hub, JUNIPERunltd is a community that uplifts everyone’s voice, as well as listens to them.

As we created JUNIPERunltd and looked towards the future, we saw and heard a need for stylish women’s adaptive apparel that combined beauty and function. That’s when YARROW was born. A collection of elevated basics that are comfortable and easy to dress up or down, offering both style and dignity.

YARROW is not about an age or a particular disability, it is an attitude. It’s about human-centered design, the intersection of fashion and function. Made for everyday life, YARROW enhances the Yarrow Woman’s life. Designed with her needs in mind, the brand makes getting dressed simpler. It allows her personality and inner style to shine through. YARROW is clothing that empowers her to go about her day in ease.

As we were launching JUNIPERunltd, we listened to what our community had to say — the need for comfort, function and style. We realized that while there were adaptive men’s apparel brands such as MagnaReady that addressed these needs, there wasn’t anything comparable for women. We researched extensively to best understand the marketplace — what already existed, what didn’t. We recognized an opportunity for a line of clothing that offered both solutions and style for today’s woman.

With a lens towards comfort and softness, we created a collection of elevated basics that are easy to dress up or down, designed especially for her, incorporating the patented magnetic technology of MagnaReady. Our inclusive design team consisting of designers from the community, as well as those with adaptive design experience, brought first-hand experience to the brand, working side-by-side with MagnaReady founder Maura Horton on everything from selecting the right fabrics to work with magnets to customizing rises for seated wheelchair users to strategically placing pull loops that aid in caregiving dressing. We made sure to think through the fit and functionality of each garment in relation to ease of dressing, comfort of wear when doing activities and during movement, as well as ease of undressing.

The epitome of human-centered design, the collection proves that inclusivity is in the details. MagnaReady’s patented magnetic technology that allows for easy on, easy off. Design that focuses on the body and one’s needs, including styles specific to seated wheelchair wearers. Side slits fashioned to accommodate prosthetics or braces.

The result is a beautifully curated adaptive collection for women in sizes Small to XXL, anchored in a pretty fall palette of sophisticated neutrals, as well as deep hues of purples and blues. YARROW is a brand that radiates warmth and positivity. That makes you think of sunny fields, breezy afternoons and most of all a warm hug.

Welcome to the bright, inviting
world of YARROW.

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